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In the mids, drought in Jiangxi province led to migration of Chinese farmers into Kam territory.

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Gradually these farmers took over more and more Kam land, forcing the Kam to flee into mountain valleys. The displaced Kam led difficult lives and a drought in Wu Mian's village pushed thousands to the point of starvation. However the Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang continued to collect taxes from them. They rebelled against the Ming dynasty in In , a Kam army surrounded the prefectural city of Liping.

The Ming forces were too weak to fight, so they invited the Kam leaders into the city for negotiations. Wu Mian's father was one of the leaders. Once they were inside, they were arrested. Wu Mian's father died soon afterwards. And it was an inspiring sight to behold this child of the evolutionary races standing unmoved by the sophistries of Daligastia while throughout the seven-year struggle he and his loyal associates resisted with unyielding fortitude all of the deceptive teachings of the brilliant Caligastia.

Amadon, with a minimum of intelligence and utterly devoid of universe experience, remained steadfast in the service of the universe and in loyalty to his associate. Van utilized both mind and spirit in a magnificent and effective combination of intellectual determination and spiritual insight, thereby achieving an experiential level of personality realization of the highest attainable order. Mind and spirit, when fully united, are potential for the creation of superhuman values, even morontia realities. But at last the final decision of the last personality was made, and then, but only then, did a Most High of Edentia arrive with the emergency Melchizedeks to seize authority on Urantia.

The Caligastia panoramic reign-records on Jerusem were obliterated, and the probationary era of planetary rehabilitation was inaugurated. Ang and three members of the food council had survived. The board of animal husbandry were all swept into rebellion as were all of the animal-conquest advisers.

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Fad and five members of the educational faculty were saved. Nod and all of the commission on industry and trade joined Caligastia. Hap and the entire college of revealed religion remained loyal with Van and his noble band. Lut and the whole board of health were lost. The council of art and science remained loyal in its entirety, but Tut and the commission on tribal government all went astray. Thus were forty out of the one hundred saved, later to be transferred to Jerusem, where they resumed their Paradise journey. They worked wholeheartedly for the rebel Prince but soon discovered that they were deprived of the sustenance of the system life circuits.

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They awakened to the fact that they had been degraded to the status of mortal beings. They were indeed superhuman but, at the same time, material and mortal. In an effort to increase their numbers, Daligastia ordered immediate resort to sexual reproduction, knowing full well that the original sixty and their forty-four modified Andonite associates were doomed to suffer extinction by death, sooner or later.

After the fall of Dalamatia the disloyal staff migrated to the north and the east. And thus originated the thousand and one legends of a mythical nature, but founded on the facts of the postrebellion days, which later found a place in the folk tales and traditions of the various peoples whose ancestors had participated in these contacts with the Nodites and their descendants. And much of the subsequent idolatry of the human races grew out of the desire to perpetuate the memory of these highly honored beings of the days of Caligastia.

Immediately upon the arrival of the Melchizedek receivers the loyal personalities except Van were returned to Jerusem and were reunited with their waiting Adjusters.

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  • We know not the fate of the sixty staff rebels; their Adjusters still tarry on Jerusem. Matters will undoubtedly rest as they now are until the entire Lucifer rebellion is finally adjudicated and the fate of all participants decreed. Those beings who fell into sin—they did not deliberately or premeditatedly enter upon rebellion—were misled by their superiors, deceived by their trusted leaders. It was likewise easy to win the support of the primitive-minded evolutionary mortals.

    The complete and radical reorganization of the whole world was attempted; revolution displaced evolution as the policy of cultural advancement and racial improvement. Among the superior and partially trained sojourners in and near Dalamatia there appeared a sudden advancement in cultural status, but when these new and radical methods were attempted on the outlying peoples, indescribable confusion and racial pandemonium was the immediate result. Liberty was quickly translated into license by the half-evolved primitive men of those days.

    And years before the beautiful headquarters went down beneath the southern waves, the misled and mistaught tribes of the Dalamatia hinterland had already swept down in semisavage assault on the splendid city, driving the secession staff and their associates northward.

    The Rebellion of 1641-42 (2)

    Society quickly sank back to its old biologic level, and the forward struggle began all over, starting not very far in advance of where it was at the beginning of the Caligastia regime, this upheaval having left the world in confusion worse confounded. The senior resident Life Carriers assumed temporary leadership of this council of forty, which functioned throughout the seven years of waiting.

    Similar groups of Amadonites assumed these responsibilities when the thirty-nine loyal staff members returned to Jerusem.

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