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Corey Clement made his preseason debut and rushed seven times for 36 yards. Not an outstanding rushing average, but he showed that his legs are healthy. He was also very good on the blitz pick ups all night and sound in pass protection. JJ Arcega-Whiteside had his coming out party, catching eight passes for yards and this touchdown:. Josh McCown also had a very solid game for his first game with the Eagles.

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He started out only 2 for 5 but ended the game 15 for 19 for a total of yards and two touchdowns. Not bad for a guy just back from retirement. Vaitai continues to prove that his calling was to be an NFL guard. He just didn't look like himself. Luckily, the Cowboys are fixing to enter their bye week and that should give No. He is absolutely detrimental to the team's success moving forward. Dallas' OL is an entirely different unit with him on the field and the entire offense benefits when they have starting five available.

He's still one of the best blindside protectors in the league, but injuries are becoming a concern. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view. Last Sunday Night, the Cowboys hosted the Vikings on primetime and lost in a game that went down to the wire.

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It felt like the toughest loss of the season. Let's dive in to this week's edition of Takeaway Tuesday. Cowboys Nation was shocked with the Cowboys' play-calling late in the game and for good reason. After starting the drive backed up at their own five, Prescott completed six of seven passes for 79 yards. Then, on second down and two to go, the Cowboys ran the ball with Ezekiel Elliott for no gain. On a short yardage down, that was comprehensible. Maybe not ideal, but understandable. On third down, though, they handed it off again to Zeke. In the game in which Dak Prescott was playing at an MVP level, with less than two minutes on the clock, the Cowboys took the ball away from him to put the game on the star running back who was having a rough day with less than 50 yards against a stout Vikings defense.

Now granted, the play on third down seemed to be an RPO concept with Jason Witten as the pass option. But why are you giving Dak one pass option when he's dominated all night? Why are you instead trusting Elliott in a game in which he failed to average three yards per carry?

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This was by far the number one reason why the loss to the Vikings was so frustrating to watch. The Cowboys have a franchise quarterback. But they need to learn to trust him as such and put the games on his hands when needed. Not on their running back, regardless of how much they pay each.

It's easy to say this in retrospective, but I believe the Cowboys didn't make the right decisions when facing fourth down last Sunday night. Being behind , they decided to punt. It turned out fine for the Cowboys in the end, tying the game later in the second.


But the analytics trend in the NFL really has evidence to back up the fact that Dallas should've gone for it in such a critical spot. In the fourth quarter, the Cowboys decided to kick the field goal being on their opponents' five. Down , Brett Maher went out to kick the field goal, which put the Cowboys behind by four points instead of seven.

They still needed a touchdown to take the lead with ten minutes left on the game.

Good, bad, and ugly from the Packers’ victory over the Broncos

Kevin Brady took a deeper look at the Cowboys' win probabilities on this article for Inside The Star. The Baltimore Ravens are taking the league by storm using analytics and making the right decisions in fourth down.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Eagles vs Packers

Yet, some teams in the NFL are not catching up. The Cowboys are one of those teams. The main reason the Cowboys lost to the Vikings was coaching and that's clear. But defense earned the second place. Kirk Cousins played a good game versus Rod Marinelli's unit, despite the box score suggesting otherwise.

Dalvin Cook, one of the toughest offensive weapons to face in this league totaled yards last weekend. It's not easy to face Cook and limit him and the Cowboys failed to do so. The linebackers had a very rough day overall and there wasn't a single performance to point out as a positive. Every week. Every week we talk about how this Cowboys team started slow against any opponent.

Ravens vs. Eagles: The good, bad and the ugly

In six games, they haven't scored a TD in the first quarter. Not even at the beginning of the season, when they went against poor teams did they start a game on the right foot. Who to blame? Both players and coaches, but I'd lean toward coaching first. Bottom line, there's a huge problem with the way this football team prepares for gameday and the Cowboys need to figure it out fast. Their backs are against the wall and playing from behind every game costs games.

At and headed toward tough opponents in the second half of the season, it's time to put an end to such starts. Skip to main content. Packer Tickets. NFL Odds. Or log in with Facebook. Extra Cheese: into the bye week.

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